Complex maintenance

In a complex maintenance of a building, the involvement of a professional housekeeper is assumed. Such service is nowadays essential in view of our busy life, where everybody is well aware of the proverb “Time is money”. And because our firm is socially oriented, we do our best to make prefabricated blocks of flats look maximum cosy and friendly. We feel proud to say that we are the only firm in the Bulgarian market maintaining not only closed complexes and new blocks of flats, but we also take care of the nice look of obsolete prefabricated blocks of flats.

In view of your limited time, when every minute counts, we feel glad to be able to offer to you an entirely new service. It has been planned for busy people, to escape the hustle and bustle of a household, especially when it is associated with the maintenance of and accounts concerning common parts of a condominium.

Our purpose is to make your life easy, by taking over the care for your entrance. Now you can call a person to do all the work for you.

A standard service will cover:

  • Cleaning the entrance (twice a week sweeping and once a week washing);
  • Twice a year washing the entrance windows;
  • Cleaning the parts adjacent to the entrance;
  • Collection of charges and liquidation of common monthly liabilities concerning the entrance;
  • Elaboration and displaying of annual reports concerning the entrance;
  • Small repairs (electric bulbs, combination lock, contacts...) for the entrance;
  • Organisation of general meetings for the entrance;
  • Refreshment and maintenance of the green areas in front of the entrance;
  • Lifting the snow in front of the entrance.”

At your request, we are able to include other services too, such as video surveillance, security guard, pest combating, and many others.