Repair and Finishing Works

We are a well-known firm composed of professionals, active in a large variety of works associated with construction and maintenance. Below is a list of key repair work we perform both as complex and individual repairs, committed to excellence.


  • Standard putty;
  • Reinforced putty;
  • Self-levelling putties;
  • Reversal of steps employing putty;
  • Pouring of concrete pavements around houses, steps, and other.


  • Filling-up, upon plasters of lime cement;
  • Filling-up, employing net;
  • Filling-up, fine;
  • Reversal of doors and windows;
  • Priming.

Dry construction:

  • Installation of plasterboard;
  • Pre-wall and septal construction;
  • Placing of aluminium and PVC angles (right and oval);
  • Plasterboard suspended ceiling;
  • Raster ceiling;
  • Pre-wall sheathing employing plasterboard with metal structure;
  • Pre-wall sheathing employing plasterboard and gluing (dry plaster);
  • Facing around pillars and tubes;
  • Decorative elements on walls and ceilings.

Masonry services:

  • Brick: single and quadruple;
  • Aerated concrete;
  • Lintels;
  • Chimney bodies.


  • Terracotta, faience, granitogres;
  • Glass ceramic tiles;
  • Stones, granite, marble.


  • Mounting and offering of natural and laminated parquet;
  • Exotic and 3-layer parquet;
  • Rearrangement of old parquet;
  • Restoration of old wood doors and furniture;
  • Arrangement of flooring;
  • Arrangement, employing claying;
  • Sanding of parquets and flooring;
  • Placing of skirting-boards;
  • Wainscoting.


  • Lime cement;
  • Lime cement on walls and ceilings;
  • Plastering, employing wire grid;
  • External plasters (polymeric, silicon, etc.);
  • Special plasters;
  • Plasters with effects.

Thermal insulation:

  • Installation of external and internal thermal insulation от EPS, XPS, BASF or mineral wool;
  • Installation of thermal insulation, employing alpine method and facade frame scaffold;
  • Installation of thermal insulation of a single object or the entire building;
  • Installations in any places, employing towers, platforms, certified frame scaffold or another method.


  • Painting with latex, up to finishing – one or several colours
  • Preparation for painting and cleaning after finishing;
  • Grinding, puttying and lacquering of old wood window and door casings.

Water and sewerage services:

  • Construction of water supply systems, horizontal and vertical rising pipes;
  • Built-in cisterns;
  • Built-in douche and douche panels;
  • Reconstruction of old water supply systems;
  • Small water and sewerage installation and deinstallations;
  • Placing of heating bodies.

Electric services:

  • Construction of monophase and three-phase electric installations;
  • Specialised systems for inclusion;
  • Current defect protections;
  • Protection against over-voltage at home;
  • Mounting of electric meters;
  • Mounting of electric panels;
  • All types of electric services.

Our firm is performing any types of installations, deinstallations, breaking and drilling of holes:

  • Installations of bathroom accessories;
  • Installations of white and brown goods;
  • Installations of glasses and mirrors;
  • Installations of any types of accessories;
  • Breaking of walls and holes;
  • Deinstallations of window and door casings, etc.

Furthermore, we can provide you with:

  • Access control;
  • Barriers
  • Video surveillance
  • Intruder alarm technology and fire alarm
  • Elaboration and installation of tailored furniture (based on your or our design).